Amino Acid

Cosmetics with self-healing polymers possible, Penn State research

Cosmetic formulations may soon include self-healing polymers

By Deanna Utroske

Researchers at Penn State University have discovered that synthetic imitations of the sort polypeptides found in squid ring teeth have uniquely desirable qualities and have filed a patent for the new technology.  

Silk sales to surge ?

Silk sales to surge ?

Cashing in on the trend towards natural ingredients, and benefiting
from the synergy with its sister company SilPRO that markets silk
essence powder, New Silk Road is keen to push silk as the natural

Peptides beat the age factor

Peptides beat the age factor

The latest topical anti-aging advancements come from a new
understanding of the importance of peptides, writes Procter &
Gamble. According to the company, the introduction of its Olay
Regenerist with Olay-exclusive Amino-Peptide...


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