2021/22 Editorial Calendar

Editorial schedule and features list

CosmeticsDesign Editorial Calendar 2021/22
December 2021Protective Beauty – Sun/UV/Blue Light/Pollution
January 2022Hemp-derived Cannabinoids In Beauty
February 2022Special Edition: Upcycled/Recycled Ingredients
March 2022Innovations In Anti-wrinkle Formulations
April 20221.Circular Beauty - Sustainable Sourcing / Green Chemistry / Eco-design
2. Circular Beauty – From Concept To Reality (Editorial Webinar)
2. NYSCC pre-show
May 2022Advances in Protective Beauty - Sun/UV/Blue Light/Pollution
June 2022Packaging Trends/Sustainable Packaging/Product Sampling Solutions
July 2022Beauty from Within (Editorial Webinar)
September 20221. Disruptive Technology - From A.I. To Digital Platform Engagement
2. Beauty 4.0 – Tech, Tools And Future Trends (Editorial Webinar)
October 2022Hair Care Trends
November 2022Skin Microbiome

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