2019 Editorial Calendar

Editorial schedule and features list

CosmeticsDesign Editorial Calendar 2019
January 2019Formulating for Indie beauty
February 2019Trends to watch at in-cosmetics 1
March 20191. Trends to watch at in-cosmetics 2
2. Pre-Show in-cosmetics
April 2019Post-Show in-Cosmetics F2F Event: Beauty Industry Awards
May 20191. Pre-Show Supplier's Day 
2. Post-Show Supplier's Day
June 2019F2F Event: CosmeticsDesign Summit - Skin Microbiome Innovation
October 20191. Sustainability - Local sourcing 
2. Post-Show in-Cosmetics NA
Editorial Webinar: Cannabis (CBD)
November 2019Biotechnology for Natural Formulation
December 20191. Water Reduction Formulation 
2. Trends 2019

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