Uni K Wax © PonyWang Getty Images

Uni K Wax founder discusses brand's innovation in hair removal category

By Cassandra Stern

With its proprietary all-natural pine resin wax, unique application methods, and innovation in comprehensive gender-neutral hair removal services, Uni K Wax founder Noemi Grupenmager discusses the brand’s commitment to disrupting the hair removal space...

Vantage expands jojoba exfoliant production facility

Vantage expands jojoba exfoliant production facility

By Deanna Utroske

This week, the specialty ingredient maker announced that its jojoba exfoliant plant is newly enlarged—a development that Vantage hopes will further secure the company’s position as an industry-leading supplier of naturally based exfoliants for use in...

Brian See, production manager, Carotech

Carotech launches palm oil derived ingredient for hair re-growth

Cosmetics Design recently spoke to Carotech's production manager Brian See to find out about the latest clinical trials to underline the efficacy of Tocotrienols derived from palm oil. The trials highlight the fact that the company's Tocotrienol-based...