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Probiotics can treat psoriasis, shows new clinical data from ADM

By Deanna Utroske

The agricultural processing company has completed a clinical study, recently accepted for publication in the international peer-reviewed journal Acta Dermato-Venereologica (which covers the fields of dermatology and venereology) that shows ingestible...

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A new brand uses hair tissue analysis to customize vitamin packs

By Deanna Utroske

The recently launched Paragon Vitamins business promises to personalize consumer vitamin plans using a hair sample, a quiz, and an algorithm. While not a beauty supplement brand, per se, Paragon is the latest in a long line of new nutrient brands encouraging...

Dr. Marc Ronert and Janna Ronert, founders of Hush & Hush

Indie Beauty Profile

Dr. Marc Ronert and Janna Ronert, Hush & Hush

By Deanna Utroske

In their Indie Beauty Profile, Profile Dr. Marc Ronert and Janna Ronert, founders of the luxury beauty supplements brand Hush & Hush, describe how they identified an opportunity in the wellness supplements market and emphasize how valuable the right...

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Nestlé acquires personalized (beauty) supplement brand Persona

By Deanna Utroske

Persona relies on genetic data, individual consumer assessments, and algorithmic technology to customize vitamins and supplements. And late last year, the relatively new company added beauty supplements with hair and skin benefits to its product portfolio....


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