Sozio to share transparent fragrance ingredient lists

By Deanna Utroske

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© Getty Images \ (Svetlana Evgrafova)
© Getty Images \ (Svetlana Evgrafova)

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This month, the fragrance supplier launched a line of Clean Label fragrance formulas and in the interest of ingredient transparency will share a list all raw materials in each scent with their customers.

Fragrance houses, in the interest of guarding proprietary blends and trade secrets, have been slow to adjust to the demand for ingredient transparency. But that’s changing as brands and retailers set guidelines on ingredient lists and consumers expect to know exactly what is in any given beauty product formulation.

In 2017, a new fragrance supply company called Palette Naturals arrived on the scene​ offering 100% natural and 100% transparent fragrance accords to formulators and fragrance brands. Founded by fragrance expert Miriam Vareldzis, Palette Naturals set a new precedent in the industry and the company’s business has been growing as a result. At this year’s SCC Suppliers Day trade show in Long Beach, California, Palette Naturals launched 5 new accords and spoke with Cosmetics Design about the evolution of ingredient transparency in the fragrance business​.

In the home care sector, multinational corporations like SC Johnson have been moving fragrance transparency forward for some time​. All of which means that transparent fragrance supply is nothing new; but it is news from a long-standing perfumery and personal care fragrance supplier like Sozio.

New Sozio collection features transparent fragrance ingredient lists 

“Being transparent is key today in the perfumery landscape,” ​acknowledges Frederic Braud, general manager at Sozio in the company’s recent press release about the new collection. “Customers,” ​he says, “want to have access to the formula or build new guidelines that are more and more restrictive to keep control of the use of the raw materials.”

And this is what the new Sozio Clean Fragrance label collection hopes to address. “With our Clean Fragrance label,” ​says Braud, “we share with our clients the list of all the raw materials included in our Clean Fragrance formulas.” ​Explaining further, he tells the press, “we have understood that ‘clean’ is more than just a guideline, it is a lifestyle, a mindset philosophy and a new way of consumption.”

To that end, Sozio is “ready to share more information with our customers and to their consumers to educate them about the perfumery world and to help them make the best choice for their well-being and the environment,” ​says Braud.

Clean label fragrances address human safety concerns and limit environmental impact

The new Clean Fragrance label line from Sozio is vegan, gluten-free, and made without nanomaterials. It’s free of what the company calls sensitizing ingredients, allergens, and endocrine disruptors.

As Harmonie Soudan, regulatory affairs director at Sozio explains, “We have defined a blacklisted ingredient list that are forbidden to use under our Clean Fragrance label. We are providing fragrances that don’t contain any controversial ingredients as well as sensitizing ingredients, allergens, endocrine disruptors, etc.… We are ensuring that our Clean Fragrances are made without specific human or environmental health risks of concern. We have also added some really restrictive requirements requested by some of our customers such as nitromusks or polycyclic musks.”

“Finally,” ​she says, “to put the environment as the center of our approach, we guarantee the non-use of any ingredient coming from endangered wild flora.”



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