Naomi Campbell settles out of court over fragrance licensing

By Simon Pitman

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Naomi Campbell and fragrance licenser Moodform Mission have settled competing New York City court lawsuits relating to agreements to market several lines of fragrances.

Moodform Mission had first filed the lawsuit back in 2009, claiming it had not received its share of profits from fragrance license agreements penned with Campbell to promote fragrances bearing her name or image that included Naomi Campbell, Cat Deluxe and Seductive Elixir.

The business dealings relating to the license agreements goes back to the latenm 1990s, when Campbell’s then modeling agent, Carole White, formed an alliance with a Florida-based cosmetics company to create Moodform Mission.

Moodform claims it was blocked from its share of the profits

Moodform Mission suit claimed that it has worked towards getting the fragrances on the market in the early 2000s, which over the course of the years enabled Campbell to net her portion of the profits, said to be in millions of dollars.

The agreement between Moodform Mission and Campbell stated that the company would be given its fair share of the profits, the lawsuit also stipulated.

However, the suit goes on to claim that Campbell violated the contract by signing a new fragrance-licensing agreement in 2008, which went against the existing agreement with Moodform Mission and was specifically designed to avoid making further payments to the company.

Campbell claims she was not aware her former agent was getting a cut

Campbell's suit claims that was not given the full information about the licensing agreement at the time of signing the agreement, and did not know that her former agent had a stakes in the deal.

“If White had told me that she was a principal in (Moodform Mission), I would not have blindly trusted her advice to sign the documents that she brought to me,” Campbell said in a sworn statement last year,”​ Campbell had previously stated in a court hearing last year.

The Manhattan, New York court records show that the dueling lawsuits were both closed at the end of last week, with Moodform Mission’s lawyer, Daniel Bright, telling the Associated Press that his clients were ‘happy with the settlement’.

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