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Regenerative Beauty

Regenerative Beauty

Symrise | Recorded the 19-May-2021 | Webinar

The past year has ignited a renewed focus and appreciation of nature and the earth, as many consumers are reevaluating their habits to be more conscious...

RoyalEpigen P5: epigenetic science from royal jelly

RoyalEpigen P5: epigenetic science from royal jelly

Mibelle Biochemistry | Recorded the 23-Jun-2016 | Webinar

Although identical on a genetic level, worker bees and the queen bee differ in life span, fertility and size. The reason for these differences are epigenetic...

VARISOFT® EQ 100-High performance conditioning agent with improved sustainability profile

High performance conditioninig with VARISOFT® EQ 100

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH | Recorded the 12-Aug-2015 | Webinar

Consumers worldwide are looking for effective conditioning to maintain attractive and healthy hair without compromising the environment. Responding to...