Biodegradable Plastic

Independent beauty brands are moving fast to innovate sustainably and are well placed to use biodegradable ingredients in formulations and packaging [Getty Images]


Indie beauty well positioned to integrate biodegradables: Expert

By Ravyn Cullor

Concerns over climate change and pollution are pushing cosmetics producers to become more eco-friendly, and indie brands are well positioned to pivot towards biodegradable ingredients and packaging, says the co-founder of Indie Beauty Expo.

Plant-based packaging in a positive position for the future: Mintel

Plant-based packaging in a positive position for the future: Mintel

By Katie Nichol

Rising oil costs and growing economies of scale in production will see plant-based plastics becoming more cost effective in future, according to market researcher Mintel, and this is expected to lead to greater uptake of these materials as a result.

Unpacking bioplastics’ environmental footprint

Unpacking bioplastics’ environmental footprint

Bioplastics are increasingly seen as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based resins; but, as with many materials, questions surround their environmental footprint. USA spoke to Steve Davies of Natureworks to get some of the facts...


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