Unpacking bioplastics’ environmental footprint

Unpacking bioplastics’ environmental footprint

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Bioplastics are increasingly seen as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based resins; but, as with many materials, questions surround their environmental footprint. CosmeticsDesign.com USA spoke to Steve Davies of Natureworks to get some of the facts behind its bioresin, Ingeo.

One criticism levelled at those using corn to produce plastics, is the effect it could have on the prices of the commodity. Davies explained that even with an expanding end market, the amount of corn used in the production of Ingeo would remain insignificant, especially when compared to that used by producers of bioethanol.

In addition, Davies address the end of life options of the plastic, arguing that contrary to popular belief, Ingeo does not degrade in a landfill and does not produce methane.

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