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By Cassandra Stern

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Text Inspection 2 “empowers manufacturers and suppliers to maintain quality, comply with regulations, and bring products to market more efficiently,” said Julie Meredith, Head of Marketing at GlobalVision. © GlobalVision
Text Inspection 2 “empowers manufacturers and suppliers to maintain quality, comply with regulations, and bring products to market more efficiently,” said Julie Meredith, Head of Marketing at GlobalVision. © GlobalVision

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Last week’s release of GlobalVision’s Text Inspection 2 update can expedite cosmetics and PBC brand’s speed to market while supporting companies in these industries with impending MoCRA regulatory labelling and documentation compliance.

On July 12th, Canadian document quality control software company GlobalVision announced the launch of its latest innovation in industry compliance proofreading technology. Called Text Inspection 2, this new algorithm, an update from the company’s Cloud-based proofreading system Verify, sets a new standard for speed and accuracy in digital document reading and analysis.

For cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and supplier company, particularly with the impending implementation of some of MoCRA’s regulatory and compliance mandates beginning at the end of this year, the need for technological support to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements is an essential part of company workflows. In particular, MoCRA’s authorities for companies to maintain accurate product listings and labels, safety substantiation record keeping, and adverse event reporting documentation could potentially benefit from the digital benefits of a system like Text Inspection 2 to more quickly and and effectively ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

To learn more about GlobalVision’s development and release of the Text Inspection 2 algorithm update, the software’s potential impact on companies in the cosmetic and personal beauty care product industries, and the most pressing pain points currently facing these industries that Text Inspection 2 helps address, CosmeticsDesign interviewed Julie Meredith, Head of Marketing at GlobalVision for her insights.  

CDU: Can you provide some background information about GlobalVision and the development and release of the Text Inspection 2 algorithm?​ 

Julie Meredith (JM): GlobalVision is a software company built to help regulated industries proofread their content at scale. We aim to make the quality control and compliance review process seamless so that teams can save time and focus on the creative and important tasks of getting products out to market as quickly as possible.  

The company was founded in 1990—breaking ground in manual to automated proofreading— which remains the same critical issue we solve today. However, when the company started it was pre-internet and the problem was solved predominantly with hardware solutions.

Since then, our mission has evolved with the landscape and has worked towards empowering customers to drive digital transformation through innovative software. 
We have become the global leader in proofreading and quality inspection software, helping renowned companies like Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Bath & Body Works, and Shiseido. Our software enables these companies to quickly detect errors in regulated content and expedite their time-to-market. 
Verify, our cloud-based proofreading and inspection software launched in 2021 and has gained remarkable popularity among regulated industries including personal care and cosmetics. It offers a solution for accelerating the asset development process by automatically and accurately identifying deviations at each revision point.

Additionally, Verify seamlessly integrates with leading Content Management Systems like Veeva and Esko, providing regulatory teams with a smooth, integrated quality workflow. 

GlobalVision has recently made a significant breakthrough in inspection speed with the introduction of an industry-leading algorithm for Verify. By rebuilding the inspection algorithm from scratch and harnessing the power of the latest technologies, we have set a new standard for inspection speed.

With this new algorithm, Text Inspection 2, inspections are now completed in seconds, marking a significant improvement over our previous algorithm. On average, our inspections are 10 times faster but can be up to 30 times faster depending on files.  

CDU: What is the potential impact of the new algorithm on manufacturers and suppliers to​ the cosmetics and personal beauty care product industries?​ 
JM: In the ultra-competitive cosmetics and personal care product industries where labels and packaging play a crucial role, and being first to market is critical to the success of a product launch—the impact of this accelerated inspection speed is groundbreaking.  
Manufacturers and suppliers rely on accurate and compliant documentation to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety and integrity of their products. With this new standard for speed in text inspection, proofreading and reviewing critical documentation for product labels and packaging can now be done faster than ever before, enhancing efficiency and streamlining the asset development process—while getting products to market faster. 

CDU: What are the most pressing and significant pain points currently facing these​ industries that the Text Inspection 2 algorithm addresses and solves?​ 

JM: In the competitive cosmetics and personal care industries, time is of the essence when it comes to the process of bringing products to market. Time-consuming manual proofreading often leads to delays, increasing the time required for product launches which will ultimately result in losing market share to competitors. 

Additionally, errors or deviations in labeling, packaging, or regulatory documentation can have serious consequences, ranging from compliance issues to reputational damage. Verify’s Text Inspection 2 automatically identifies deviations in critical content such as ingredient lists, warning statements, claims, and net volumes, eliminating the risk of errors slipping unnoticed. 

Finally, cosmetics and personal care brands that want to expand into new global markets are often faced with the difficulties of scaling as they need to translate and proofread critical content in multiple foreign languages. This can hinder profits and deter their ability to scale globally, falling behind the competition. 

Verify’s Text Inspection 2 algorithm directly addresses these pain points by providing lightning-fast inspections in all foreign languages, catching errors and deviations quickly and accurately. This empowers manufacturers and suppliers to maintain quality, comply with regulations, and bring products to market more efficiently. 

CDU: How can the Text Inspection 2 algorithm support manufacturing and supply​ companies in the cosmetics and personal beauty care product industries regarding​ MoCRA regulation compliance?​ 

JM: Verify’s Text Inspection 2 algorithm will play a pivotal role in supporting manufacturing and supply companies by ensuring regulatory compliance through fast and accurate inspections. By automatically detecting errors, inconsistencies, and deviations in product labels, packaging, and regulatory documentation, Verify helps these companies adhere to MoCRA regulations.

This ultimately mitigates compliance risks, protects brand reputation, and enhances consumer trust in their products. 

CDU: Were there any challenges to developing and launching the new algorithm? If so,​ what were those issues and what solutions were developed to address them?​ 
JM: The primary objective for Text Inspection 2 was to rebuild the inspection algorithm from the ground up while incorporating the latest technologies. The development team at GlobalVision tackled these challenges by investing in years of research and development, creating a scalable web infrastructure based on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

This infrastructure not only delivers powerful inspection technology but also ensures agility and continuous improvement. By overcoming these challenges, GlobalVision successfully launched the Text Inspection 2 algorithm, delivering an industry-leading solution for lightning-fast and accurate document inspections. 

CDU: Are there any plans to update or improve the Text Inspection 2 algorithm in the​ future, or for further expansion utilizing this new technological innovation?​ 

JM: The platform’s core technology additionally employs a new framework rebuilt from scratch that allows for development and iteration agility as well as continuous improvement. Even as the fastest inspection technology available today, Verify’s inspection algorithm will continue to improve over time in both speed and accuracy. 

CDU: Anything else to add?​ 
JM: The release of the Text Inspection 2 algorithm marks a significant milestone for GlobalVision and the cosmetics and personal beauty care product industries as a whole. With this groundbreaking technology, manufacturers and suppliers now have a powerful tool to accelerate their proofreading processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and bring products to market faster.

GlobalVision's commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to customer satisfaction positions them as a trusted partner in streamlining operations and maintaining the highest standards of quality in these dynamic industries. 

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