Revieve and Google Cloud Marketplace expand Digital Beauty Platform availability

By Cassandra Stern

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“Above all, this partnership provides unprecedented depth and access to zero and first-party data that holds the power of transformative impact on retailers and brands in the beauty industry,” said Irina Mazur, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Revieve. © Revieve
“Above all, this partnership provides unprecedented depth and access to zero and first-party data that holds the power of transformative impact on retailers and brands in the beauty industry,” said Irina Mazur, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Revieve. © Revieve

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The partnership, which aims to ‘help beauty brands enhance their omnichannel capabilities’ and transition from a ‘transaction-driven to relationship-driven commerce model’ offers cosmetic and PBC companies the ability to personalize customer experiences to increase average order value and more.

Late last month, tech company Revieve, “a personalized digital brand experience company working with global brands, retailers and digital services providers in the beauty, skin, health and wellness categories​,” as detailed in its recent press release, announced that it has partnered with Google Cloud Marketplace to expand the availability of its Digital Beauty Platform.

As detailed on its company website, the Digital Beauty Platform, which is utilized by companies like Walgreens, JCPenney, Living Proof, and Shiseido, “helps brands and retailers accelerate business value by creating personalized interactive consumer experiences in an in-store environment and on online channels​,” and includes modules for skin care, hair care, sun care, makeup, and nutrition.

Further, the platform affords retails and beauty brands the opportunity to “increase conversion rates, enable and create lasting loyalty experiences with consumers, and drive average order value (AOV) and revenue by providing expert advice and tailored product recommendations based on users’ characteristics, unique preferences, skin concerns/analysis, as well as offering visualization and digital try-on experiences​,” shared the press release.

To learn more about the potential impact of the Revieve and Google Cloud Marketplace partnership on manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetics and PBC product industries, how this partnership solves many pain points for companies in these industries, and Revieve’s future plans for further digitization innovation and expansion in the beauty care space, we interviewed Irina Mazur, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Revieve for her insights.

CDU: What is the potential impact of this newly announced partnership on manufacturers and suppliers in the cosmetics and personal care product industries?

Irina Mazur (IM): The partnership between Revieve and Google Cloud helps brands and retailers enhance their omnichannel capabilities and leap from a transaction-driven to a relationship-driven commerce model. 

Personalization solutions and relationship-driven commerce give a profound impact on retailers and brands by enhancing their customer experience, improving customer retention, enabling competitive differentiation, and increasing customer loyalty and advocacy. 

Embracing these strategies allows retailers and brands to thrive in today's customer-centric and highly competitive retail landscape. In turn, these implications drive manufacturers and suppliers to promote agile manufacturing or formulation decisions, rely on data-driven decision-making, and necessitate supply chain adaptations.

Above all, this partnership provides unprecedented depth and access to zero and first-party data that holds the power of transformative impact on retailers and brands in the beauty industry. Armed with data, beauty industry players can create customized marketing campaigns, drive product development and innovation, and improve inventory management. 

CDU: What pain points do the platform and the partnership solve for manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetics and personal care product industries? 

IM: Exploring the reasons behind this strategic alliance sheds light on the industry pain points that Revieve and Google Cloud aim to address. This includes:

Shared Mission and Vision:​ Revieve and Google Cloud are aligned in their mission to enhance the customer experience and deliver personalized solutions. Revieve aims to provide individualized recommendations and virtual try-on experiences.

Google Cloud, as a technology giant, strives to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. This collaboration will give manufacturers and suppliers access to beauty tech innovations to establish personalized and captivating connections with consumers.

Complementary Strategies:​ Revieve and Google's strategies complement each other in several ways. Revieve excels in leveraging advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to provide personalized beauty experiences.

Google brings its expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and search capabilities. The combination of Revieve's beauty-specific insights and Google's extensive technological resources creates a powerful partnership that enables our companies to drive innovation and capture digital growth effectively.

Customer-Centric Approach:​ Both Revieve and Google Cloud recognize the importance of placing customers at the heart of respective strategies. By leveraging AI/AR technologies, we gain valuable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and needs.

This customer-centric approach enables us to deliver highly personalized experiences, tailored to individual users. By joining forces, this partnership harnesses collective knowledge and resources to provide even more relevant and engaging solutions to customers across various touchpoints.

Data-Driven Strategies:​ Revieve's expertise in analyzing beauty-related data, such as skin diagnostics, virtual try-on, and product recommendations, complements Google's vast data analytics capabilities. This partnership utilizes the power of data and insights to help develop innovative products, optimize marketing campaigns, and enhance the overall commerce experience.

This data-driven approach enables brands and retailers to make informed decisions and better understand consumer behavior.

Capturing Digital Growth:​ This collaboration positions both companies to capture the tremendous opportunities presented by digital growth in the beauty industry. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and the rise of digital-first consumer behavior, the partnership allows to capitalize on the expanding digital landscape.

Together, they can provide seamless and immersive beauty experiences online, capturing market share and driving growth in the digital beauty sector.

Modernizing Commerce Experience:​ Revieve and Google are at the forefront of modernizing the commerce experience across all channels. By merging Revieve's expertise in beauty technology and Google's ecosystem, we can enhance the way consumers discover, explore, and purchase beauty products.

Whether it's through virtual try-on experiences, personalized discovery, and recommendations, or streamlined checkout processes, the partnership creates a seamless commerce experience that transcends traditional boundaries and meets the evolving needs of today's consumers.

CDU: How do the platform and partnership innovate the digitization of the beauty space? What are some of the greatest benefits of these options for manufacturers and suppliers to the cosmetic and personal beauty care product industries? 

IM: It presents an opportunity for brands, retailers to accelerate their digital transformation, offering consumers access to the next generation of beauty experiences. By leveraging Revieve's AI and AR solutions, a comprehensive platform is created where consumers can seamlessly interact and discover personalized product recommendations and routines that address their specific skincare and beauty goals.

This state-of-the-art technology not only provides tailored customer journeys but also enables brands to gain a holistic understanding of their consumers, allowing them to better serve their needs and foster loyalty and advocacy.

Additionally, this collaboration empowers beauty industry players to drive increased revenue, achieve operational efficiencies, and make informed decisions regarding inventory management and merchandising. With access to comprehensive data analytics and advanced tools, they can optimize operations, unlock new monetization opportunities, and refine their product offerings to better meet consumer demands.

CDU: Are there any plans for further innovation or partnerships in the near future?

IM: We believe that the future collaboration between Revieve and Google Cloud holds immense promise for further innovation in the beauty industry. With our combined expertise and cutting-edge technologies, the partnership is poised to explore new frontiers in personalized beauty experiences and data-driven solutions.

Together, we will continue to push boundaries, leveraging artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and advanced analytics to deliver even more seamless and immersive digital online and in-store journeys for consumers. This collaboration opens exciting possibilities for transformative advancements in diagnostics, virtual try-on experiences, and customized product recommendations across beauty, health and wellness categories.

As we continue to innovate and refine our offerings, Revieve and Google Cloud are set to revolutionize the way consumers engage with beauty, creating a future that is both exciting and full of endless possibilities.

CDU: Anything else to add?

IM: The demand for tailored experiences and enhanced consumer connections will continue to drive innovation and strategic partnerships like Revieve and Google Cloud. With AI and AR technologies, brands and retailers will deliver even more personalized and immersive experiences, bridging the gap between physical and digital realms.

As the beauty and personal care industry embraces these advancements, consumers can expect an increasingly customized, educational, and engaging beauty journey that caters to their unique needs and desires.    

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