Making oral care about more than the mouth: Twice launches holistic health product line

By Ravyn Cullor

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The brand has launched a new line and brand campaign to find a white space between legacy and natural brands. © Getty Images - Shana Novak
The brand has launched a new line and brand campaign to find a white space between legacy and natural brands. © Getty Images - Shana Novak

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Twice oral care, launched in 2018, recently launched a line of holistic, microbiome focused oral health products with an omnichannel retail strategy. CosmeticsDesign spoke with Twice co-founder Cody Levine about what the launch means for the brand and for the oral care category.

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Tell me a bit about the new brand campaign and where the concept came from?

Twice was founded in 2018 with musical artist Lenny Kravitz.

The new line is being launched DTC, wholesale and into Target, CVS and Wegmans.

This brand evolution is the true expression of our vision, product platform and what we believe is the future of the category. The concept of oral wellness has always been deeply ingrained in our core ethos — that a healthy mouth is a healthy self. We’ve been designing a holistic oral health system for 2+ years in order to deliver next-generation benefits and bring oral care into the wellness conversation. Working with Lenny and our entire team, the concept of disrupting the oral care aisle with the color yellow was to bring a different feeling to the category-leading with emotion, connection and illuminating the true power of every person's smile. 

What white space in oral care is this brand filling?

The oral care industry is quite polarizing… On one end you have conventional, household, legacy brands that deliver efficacy for dental health and on the other you have more natural products “made without” certain ingredients to deliver clean. We fill the need that every mouth has to deliver cutting-edge science and clean ingredients without compromise. 

Coming out of COVID, the spotlight is on preventative care and a more holistic approach to overall well-being. Our oral wellness innovations are designed to balance your microbiome and introduce a preventative care approach to your mouth. That means balancing good and bad bacteria, raising oral pH, and including super ingredients like colloidal silver and zinc to boost your natural oral defenses. 

What does the research say about the importance of the oral microbiome?

The oral Microbiome is the second-largest microbiome in the body, after the gut. It really is the gateway to the gut. There are over 120+ systemic diseases in the body that stem from inflammation in the mouth. Studies show direct links between gingivitis (inflammation in the gums) and cardiovascular disease, the #1 killer in America. 

Tell me a bit about your omnichannel retail strategy.

Toothpaste and oral care at large has long been a commodity category revolving around convenience. It’s a need to have…not a nice to have. That means being where people shop is incredibly important to us. Being available on Amazon at the click of a button, at shelf on your next Target or CVS run, on your local grocery trip or even managing your subscription on our own website. Having an omnichannel retail strategy is key for us to meet our customers where they are more times throughout their journey. 

What does this launch mean for the world of oral care overall?

The future of oral care is bright! I love meeting professionals who are already having a preventative discussion with their patients – talking about nutrition, proper sleep, airway and nasal breathing in addition to proper hygiene. I believe our brand and products help accelerate consumer awareness of a holistic approach to healing the microbiome. I also hope that this launch helps people desire their oral wellness routine, actually look forward to it and obsess over it. We need more people obsessed with a healthy mouth, the future of wellness is oral!

What can other personal care industry professionals take away from this launch?

I think product is #1, we’ve always obsessed over product – ingredients, formulation, experience, impact. From the inside out, how does this product deliver an experience like never before? Also being unapologetically bold and going places where the industry hasn’t is exciting. Yellow is redefined in oral care, a color traditionally associated with yellow teeth for decades, now is all about brightness, connection and love. 

Anything else you want to add?

We’re aiming to take oral care out of the bathroom and into the everyday moments that power your life. Our Immunity Rinse is great after you brush your teeth, but it's even better in any moment you need full mouth freshness - after a long flight at the airport, in your car before a big date, or in your gym bag after a good workout.

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