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Robyn Mclean,The Hello Cup

By Deanna Utroske

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Robyn Mclean (right) and Hello Cup Co-Founder Mary Bond
Robyn Mclean (right) and Hello Cup Co-Founder Mary Bond

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In her Indie Beauty Profile, Robyn Mclean of The Hello Cup offers advice on the best first step that every indie beauty brand founder should take; and she shares notes on how she and Co-Founder Mary Bond are building a brand that’s simultaneously about sustainability and period products.

The Hello Cup fits in the feminine wellness and beauty space were products address sexual wellness, intimate skin care, period care, etc. It’s an alternative to conventional period products that has a sustainability story, a convenience and cost-savings story, and a safe materials story. Here, first-time entrepreneur Robyn Mclean shares a profile of herself and the brand.

Name:​ Robyn Mclean, Girl Boss

Indie Beauty Company: ​The Hello Cup

Launched: ​2017

Headquarters: ​Wellington, New Zealand

Cash flow: ​The Hello Cup is self-funded by myself and my Co-Founder, Mary Bond. We own the business between us but are currently in discussions with some investors who are keen to come on board.

To be honest, being an indie business is tough. Financially, we are proud of the fact we can afford to grow and have staff.

Indie how? ​To me an indie brand has an obvious heart. By that I mean that it is built from love and a genuine passion to offer something unique. An indie brand does things with a point of difference that makes them stand out for not being ‘just a product.’ They tend to encapsulate a dream. 

Teamwork: ​We have five full-time employees, including us, and two part-time employees.

Distribution: ​We sell globally through our website (​) as well as via retailers from around the world. We’re also on Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and too.

Years in beauty: ​I’ve worked in the industry for nearly 3 years.

Years at The Hello Cup: ​I’ve worked at Hello Cup since I founded it with Mary Bond in 2017.

Entrepreneurial experience: ​Hello Cup is the first company I’ve ever owned!

The business: ​Hello Cup makes menstrual cups which are fully hypoallergenic and designed to be super comfortable. Hello Cups are made with love in New Zealand. They replace single-use period products such as tampons and pads. They hold three times more than a tampon; and one cup is the equivalent of around 2000 single-use products. So they are pretty amazing when it comes to reducing waste as well as saving money!

The wow-factor: ​Hello Cups are made from medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer rather than silicone which makes them hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone who has a silicone sensitivity or allergy.

The consumer: ​Our target consumer is female, 25 - 35 years. They care about their own wellbeing as well as the environment. They appreciate products that are well made, thoughtful and safe.

Milestone moment: ​We worked out recently that we have saved more than 200,000,000 single-use products from the world’s landfills. That’s massive for us. We also are happy to have a solid online following - currently nearing 35K.

Advice for fellow beauty entrepreneurs: ​Just do it. If you have a product you think will help improve people’s lives or make a difference in their lives it doesn’t take much to test the market. Do some online surveys and research but don’t waste too much time thinking about your idea - get it to market and see what happens!

Just one: ​Asked about her go-to personal care product, Mclean says it’s got to be my Hello Cup. It’s completely changed my period life. It’s reusable for years so it’s going to be perfect if I had to spend a while on a deserted island. Better for my body, better for the environment.

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