How the latest research is raising the bar on gray hair coloration

By Simon Pitman

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How the latest research is raising the bar on gray hair coloration
New research on hair coloration techniques is being showcased at in-cosmetics Latin America, which is taking place in Sao Paulo, September 19 - 20.

Cosmetic industry consultants, Argentina-based Tecnocosmetics, will be represented by senior consultant, Verónica Celdrán at the event, who is set to give a presentation about the latest research into hair coloration and how advances are helping to provide a more textured and natural look that is particularly suited to gray coverage.

Celdrán will be showcasing her research during a presentation that will take place at 1:30pm in the marketing trends theatre. It will be given in Spanish and simultaneously translated.

Ahead of the presentation, titled ‘Colour formation mechanism during the application of a hair dye oxidation’, Cosmetics Design caught up with Celdrán to find out more about her research and the type of options that are starting to be made available to hair dye manufacturers and brands and how all of this translates into the complex and highly competitive Latin American hair care market.

Why is staying on top of the latest technological advances so important for this aspect of the hair dye category?

Permanent or oxidation capillary coloration represents more than 80% of the sales in the market of the capillary coloration category. This type of coloration makes it possible to achieve an excellent coverage of the grey hairs with a lasting colour result, and it can also clarify the natural base of the hairstyle in order to reveal different colours and provide a great diversity of reflections according to the user's desire.

What is unique about this technology?

The mechanism of action for the formation of the color in the hair is very specific; it is made by reactions of oxidation of the dyes inside of the hair. In this mechanism, there are various factors involved such as concentration and type of colorants, kinetic reactions, the base or formula of coloration and the structure of the substrate where colouring is applied, i.e. hair. For this reason, to develop new colours to follow the tendencies of the market implies expertise in all the factors mentioned, which is a great challenge for the developer.

Is it specifically for Latin hair types, or could it be used for any hair types?

Although this technology can be used to colour any type of hair, it is possible to develop hair colouring formulas with characteristics that allow meeting the requirements of different types of hair according to ethnicity. The ethnic differences of hair that exist, are mainly in terms of structure and geometry, which creates a need for greater conditioning in some types of hair, or greater coverage of grey hair in other types of hair. In LATAM there is a great diversity of ethnicities, therefore there is a great potential of development of hair products to satisfy the different needs of the users.

Which type of consumer hair dye products is this technology likely to be incorporated into?

This technology was adapted to be incorporated by various types of consumers. In recent years it has been increasing the consumption of hair colouring products in the male population, encouraging specific male lines to be launched that help with tinting and colouring grey hair. Ammonia-free products have also been released for those users who are sensitive to it, which gives them comfort during the application. For users sensitive to certain dyes, there are colourings free of certain dyes that are highly allergenic.

What are the determining characteristics about the hair dye market in Brazil and LATAM?

The market in Brazil and LATAM is very demanding in terms of the result that is expected to be obtained in the hair, so it is very important to fulfil the promise of the products. The consumer's expectations of hair colouring are very high, not only you want to obtain a certain result colour in the hair, with an excellent coverage of grey hair, but also you want to obtain discipline, softness and shine of the hair.

How is the hair dye market evolving in these markets?

The constant change in society and technology influences the future of beauty as the conception of beauty at the global level is changing. There is a new generation that does not accept being dictated to and is changing its vision of beauty. It has an increasingly urban mind-set, with a conception of a non-demographic world, where there are no barriers of age, race or sex in terms of consumer preferences.

The evolution in this market will be towards the consumption of personalized products that meet their needs, which have transparent information with social responsibility and commitment to the care of the environment.

The responsibility of the developers is not only to achieve safe and successful formulas for the user, but we must also achieve good communication with it, providing all the information necessary for the correct use of the product.


Verónica Celdrán, Senior Consultant, Tecnocosmetics, will give a presentation on ‘Colour formation mechanism during the application of a hair dye oxidation’ at in-cosmetics Latin America from 13.30 – 14.00 on 19 September 2018 at the Marketing Trends Theatre

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