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Natura director reveals all about hair care innovation

By Simon Pitman

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Natura director reveals all about hair care innovation
Hair care is the pivotal part of any cosmetic and personal care player’s portfolio in the Latin American market, so Cosmetics Design caught up with one of the region’s biggest players to find out how to make hair care work in such a competitive market..
Fernanda Rol
Fernanda Rol

Brazil-based Natura is present in all major markets in the region and is one of the most prominent hair care companies, especially in the all-important domestic market, where consumer spend on hair care products is second to none.

We spoke to Fernanda Rol, global marketing director of cosmetics at Natura to find out more about the structure of the category in the region, the importance of staying ahead of the key trends, and to discover what the company has in store in its own innovation pipeline.

What are the key trends for developing hair care products in the LATAM market?  

It’s really important to know consumers and their behavior, habits and needs, so we can understand what the main issues are that they want to solve regarding their hair, what kind of products they are looking for and the kind of products that are most important to achieve their needs.

Besides that, it is also crucial to be aware of trends that are coming up in the market, together with new ingredients and technologies, that are being launched all over the world so we can develop products with updated raw materials and relevant benefits.

What types of hair care products are consumers in the region looking for these days?

Consumer needs change among countries - we are a huge region with different habits, climates, ethnicities and so on. So while in Mexico, Colombia and Peru consumers demand for more basic treatments (shampoo and conditioner) and styling products, in Brazil, consumers want new launches focusing on hair treatment and pos-shampoo.  Also in Brazil, we are now living during an important movement where women with curly and coily hair are wearing their hair in its natural state, so we have a boom in the market of products to treat this kind of hair which is naturally drier and needs specific products for curl definition. 

What are the most popular Natura hair care brands? Why is this?

Natura Plant
Plant brand

In Brazil and Latin America, Natura Plant is our hair care specialist brand. It was launched in 2003 with the aim to combine nature and science in hair care treatment. Over the years, the portfolio was relaunched and extended to adapt to consumers’ needs, bringing new formulas and packaging. Nowadays, the brand has 65 products in its portfolio, to address different needs offering from basic treatments like shampoos and conditioners for all hair types to intensive hair care products such as a “Natura Plant Restoring Shock KIT” to treat very damaged hair.

We have Natura SOU, which is a brand focused in conscious consumption with a packaging with 70% material reduction.

And another important brand in Natura’s portfolio is Ekos, which is focused on developing cosmetic products based on Amazonian active ingredients extracted in sustainable ways and through fair trade. In the Ekos hair care portfolio, we have for example products with murumuru butter that can deeply treat hair and can penetrate and repair hair fiber. This brand is also available in US market.

Do products have to be developed fast to keep up with trends and demand?

The hair Care market is a very dynamic category. In Latin America around 2,700 products are released per year so it’s important to have innovation in your pipeline. That’s why we keep up to date on trends and launches in the market and we are constantly developing new hair care products.

What are the latest Natura hair care products or brands to be launched?

Ekos Pataua
Ekos Pataua brand

We have some important new launches such as Ekos Pataua, which is a complete line of products to strengthen and repair hair fiber, preventing its breakage. Besides shampoo, conditioner and other products for intensive treatment such as a hair mask, it also has a hero product: a scalp tonic that contributes to stronger hair growth.

Besides Brazil, what are Natura’s most important hair care markets in the LATAM region?

Natura is present in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico – all of them are important markets to our strategy.

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