Mintel: brands helping the US BFW market make its comeback

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Global skin care analyst Christopher Lindsley says launches of vitamins and dietary supplements claiming to offer beauty benefits saw explosive global growth in 2011 and saw a further 39% increase in numbers between then and 2013.

Across the sector, these vitamins and supplements are closely linked to cosmetic products through claims and ingredients, and over a third claim to provide anti-aging benefits and are often formulated with collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10.

In the US, brands use these ingredients to help improve skin elasticity and radiance. Others use innovative forms to appeal to consumers.

Lindsley tells USA that the likes of clever innovations like 'bubbly liquid sticks' helps add a quirky side to the sector and have been seen on the US market.

Here; together with Mintel​, we have put together a gallery of some of the best beauty from within products helping the US make its comeback in this segment.

Click through to discover more about them in detail!

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