Univar predicts neon lip gloss, beard dye and hydration claims will be big in 2014

By Simon Pitman

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Philip Mittiness, Univar technical development specialist
Philip Mittiness, Univar technical development specialist
An expert from top ingredients distributor Univar throws some light on what are expected to be the big formulation trends for 2014, and takes a look at what has driven the market this year.
  • What's trending for next year?

Phillip Mitteness, technical development specialist at the company, points out that the big trends this year have remained pretty consistent, with multi-functional products – namely BB and CC creams, anti-aging and natural ingredients remaining the driving forces.

Moving through to 2014, these trends are expected to maintain momentum, but as Mitteness points out, there are also a number of smaller but significant trends that are expected to play a big part in the type of formulations and ingredients that manufacturers will be looking for.

Those trends will include:

  • Vibrant shades for color cosmetics, particularly lipsticks and lip gloss
  • An emphasis on hydrating ingredients and claims
  • Hair and beard dyes for men’s personal care products 

Look out for neon lip gloss!

Lipsticks and lip gloss products featuring vibrant colors started to crop up at this summer, but the trend is predicted to continue in to 2014 and gain further momentum.

“For 2014 colors are going to be making a big come back in the cosmetics world,”​ said Mitteness. “In particular it appears that lipsticks in neon orange and pink are really on trend.

“We have worked on a non-tacky neon-colored lip gloss that has really had excellent feedback, both for the color and the fact that we managed to formulate it so it did not have a tacky or sticky feel, which is a frequent criticism of this type of product.”

Moisturizing becomes a hydrating claim

With regards to the hydrating trend, Mitteness says that this has already started to play a significant part in product development during the course of 2013, but is expected to take off all the more in 2014.

“What we are seeing is an increasing number of formulations for both skin and hair care which are incorporating both moisturizer and UV filters into mix.

“But perhaps the most interesting detail is the fact that the moisturizing properties for these products are being marketed as hydrating products, both in the product advertising and on the labels.

“With respect to this trend, again the feel of the product is very important, and what formulators are looking for is a hydrating ingredient that is effective, but that is also light and breathable, unlike petroleum-based products, which often leave a film and have a heavy feel.”

Men’s grooming focusing on desire to look younger and beard trend

In the US market Mitteness points out that there are two important trends driving the growth in men’s personal care products – the fact that the poor job market is putting pressure on older men to remain youthful-looking, which is also linked to the trend for beards and facial hair.

“Men simply want to stay younger-looking to remain relevant in the job market, as the perception is that a younger image will make them look more dynamic and ultimately more employable.

“In particular this ties in with the trend for beards and facial hair. Men want to stay  on trend, but they don’t want the gray hairs in their beards to betray signs of aging, hence an increasing demand for effective facial hair dye products.”

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