First ever skin care line launched containing 4-AR molecule

By Simon Pitman

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Utah-based Rejuvination Labs claims it is the first ever skin care company to launch an anti-aging product line that includes the gene-activating 4-AR molecule.

The Resvology Age Correction line contains three core products that are designed for all skin types to target the physical signs of skin aging, specifically fine lines and wrinkles.

Those products include an Age Corrective Wrinkle Treatment, Age Corrective Eye Cream and the Gentle Cleansing Gel, which are all targeted at the luxury end of the market.

The manufacturer claims that clinical trials have shown that these products work together to hydrate and smooth skin texture and reduce signs of aging, helping to keep skin looking firm, lifted and youthful.

Anti-aging qualities of 4-AR discovered by cancer research team

The patented technology to isolate the 4-AR molecule was discovered by a team of cancer researchers at the Brigham Young University, where supplementary research discovered that the molecule had anti-aging properties.

The 4-AR molecule is a uniquely stabilized ester form of resveratrol, a molecule that has been identified in several plant species, in which it is produced to fend off the attack of pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. It is particularly well known in certain types of grape.

4-AR shown to active 85 skin-related genes

During the course of the research, the scientific team at the university conducted in-vitro studies with the 4-AR Molecule in which it was observed that it activated 85 key skin–related genes to fuel gene activity.

Those gene that the molecule is known to activate include SRT1 – a gene known to extend DNA integrity and fight biological aging, together with an associated increase in Metallothionein 2, a potent antioxidant agent.

“The discovery of the 4-AR Molecule has improved our understanding of the skin’s aging process, and how it can look and feel more youthful,”​ said Kevin Passey, CEO of Rejuvenation Labs.

“Resvology sets a new standard for anti-aging effectiveness in the skin care industry by creating the most stable and accessible use of resveratrol. Resvology will make a genuine difference in how women look and feel.”

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