A new dawn in cosmetics coverage: Cosmetics Design launches Asia-Pacific website

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A new dawn in cosmetics coverage: Cosmetics Design launches Asia-Pacific website
CosmeticsDesign online news publisher is pleased to announce the launch of CosmeticsDesign-Asia.com, its third publication providing targeted daily news on cosmetics formulation and packaging for the Asia-Pacific region.

Aggregating the cosmetics industry’s convergence for growth towards emerging markets​ and the authoritative success of CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com and CosmeticsDesign.com|USA as the industry references, CosmeticsDesign-Asia.com​ aims at helping decision-makers to decipher the intricacies of each local market​ while providing distinctive insight on the opportunities​ in Asia-Pacific as a region.

Built on a new design​ with intuitive navigation and deeper user experience in mind, the website is focused towards efficient news consumption, with regional functionalities​ allowing access to content for a specific market​, an industry segment or trends in the region, and providing unique in-depth analysis on the market dynamics​ of a complex, innovative industry.

“By extending our reach to the Asia-Pacific region, we now truly serve the needs of our global audience,” ​Jean-MarcCocogne, Executive Director at CosmeticsDesign.com, said.“With our portfolio of regional publications covering America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, we become in effect the only media that breaks industry news on a global basis, offering our readers and advertisers alike quite a unique edge.”


While independent, free and authoritative news on the science and innovation​ in the industry remains the core focus, the team of dedicated experts and correspondents in major local markets delivers insight reflecting the trends, challenges and dynamics that are specific to the Asia-Pacific region: market entry​, regulation, skin whitening​, green cosmetics, beauty from within​…

As part of a long-standing  commitment to reporting the news others miss​, CosmeticsDesign-Asia.com brings content of unique value to decision-makers in the sector, wherever it takes place​. Reporting from the regions of China​, India or Japan​ to the local markets of South East Asia​ and Oceania, a new dawn in cosmetics coverage​ is breaking on the Asia-Pacific region! 

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