Unravelling the unconscious mind can highlight future trends, says agency

By Katie Bird

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Uncovering the desires of the mind, both conscious and unconscious, can help identify the cosmetics trends of the future, according to the trends agency By Lude.

The Sciarrino sisters, Delphine and Ludivine, who created the agency, will be presenting their work, at the upcoming Luxe Pack show in Monaco.

According to the sisters, psycho-anthropology, which brings together their work (one is a psychologist the other an anthropologist) can help understand consumers’ desires and help companies design products that fit them.

Ludivine and Delphine Sciarrino told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com that the method gives supplementary information about consumer motivations and preferences that is often ignored.

“In addition to the conscious data that is generally used today, such as questionnaires and observational data, we are interested in unconscious information such as psychological functioning or collective fantasies that are often ignored but for us are primordial in understanding and respecting collective experiences,”​ they said.

Delphine and Ludivine Sciarrino have used these insights to help predict the trends that they believe will affect the luxury cosmetics sector over the next 24 months, which will be presented during their presentation at the Luxe Pack show.

A need to be cosseted - thick walled glass packaging

For example, By Lude has predicted that the two autumn winter seasons (2012 and 2013) will be characterised by the need to be protected and cocooned.

According to the sisters, the autumn-winter season 2012 will be characterised by a preppy back to school feel with a Northern (Candian or Scottish) twist. Consequently, skin will be milky and makeup translucent. In packaging, they claim, this will be seen in an appreciation for glass packaging with thick walls and creamy white contents, which harks back to an unconscious need to be protected.

The 2013 autumn-winter season, will be characterised by a ‘home sweet home’ feel, inspired by plush Victorian interiors and again thick walls to protect from the cold outside, predict By Lude.

“Again, the need to be cocooned will play a role, with a preference for thick body milks, and thick walled packaging with angular edges that reflects in miniature the home interiors….make-up colours will be sombre to reflect the feeling of nostalgia.”

Celebration of the individual

For the spring summer season 2012, the sisters predict a return to all things natural, and therefore organic, as well as the celebration of differences. This will be seen in the cosmetics world by a preference for multi-purpose products that reflect individuality, they said.

Spring and summer 2013 will be dominated by British sports such as golf, tennis and cricket, according to By Lude, Suntanned skin will be back in and we will be particularly motivated by waters such as eau de parfum, or eau coiffante.

Delphine and Ludivine Sciarrino will discuss these trends and present the Psycho-anthropology of business at the Luxe Pack show in Monaco, October 19, 20 and 21.

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