BASF launches ingredient to combat skin discomfort

By Katie Nichol

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A new ingredient designed to alleviate sensations of discomfort in sensitive skin is the latest offering from BASF Beauty Care Solutions.

Symbiocell, which is extracted from the tropical shrub Cestrum Latifolium, was developed to target skin discomfort that doesn’t manifest itself physically, according to the German-based company.

“Having sensitive skin is not always linked to redness or visible inflammation,”​ BASF marketing manager Olivier Teillac told, adding that the ingredient was developed to address a “global feeling of discomfort”​ in the skin.

Targeting dendritic cells

According to BASF, when formulating the ingredient, dendritic cells were identified as a potential target as they trigger sensations of sensitive skin discomfort without causing a visible reaction.

“Dendritic cells are genuine sentry cells that maintain a balance between a neutral state and a state of alert, sounding the alarm in case of attack,” ​the company explained.

Symbiocell thus helps to control feelings of discomfort in sensitive skin in targeting these cells by “modulating the reactivity threshold of the skin and thus regulating its level of tolerance,”​ said Teillac.

Clinical trials show high levels of efficacy

Clinical trials carried out on a panel of 31 volunteers showed that a high percentage of subjects reported that feelings of skin discomfort had lessened.

After three weeks of application, more comfortable skin was reported by 97 per cent of volunteers, and 90 per cent stated that their skin felt less sensitive to irritation.

According to Teillac, Symbiocell can be used in products designed for sensitive skin to provide a greater feeling of skin comfort, or, alternatively be used to make an anti-aging product more suited to sensitive skin.

“As it makes the skin more comfortable, it allows formulators to reach a higher concentration of anti-aging actives that would make at this level, without Symbiocell, the skin uncomfortable,”​ he explained.

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