Demand for specialty silica set to continue strong market growth

By Simon Pitman

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Demand for specialty silicas for personal care applications is set to grow at 3.6 percent annually over the next four years, according to research from Freedonia Group.

The market researcher says that the ingredient is likely to remain a staple for deodorant, powder, body scrub, cream, lotion and lipstick formulations, while also remaining particularly important for toothpaste and other oral care applications.

Freedonia estimates that by 2013 personal care formulators will be using around 98 million pounds worth of specialty silicas a year, giving it a market value of $242m.

The report Cosmetic & Toiletry Market for Specialty Silicas ​highlights that the biggest gains of late have come from high performance toothpaste and gels.

Growth from oral care likely to be curbed

However, it also warns that market maturity and competition from other tooth whitening systems will limit overall growth in dental applications in the coming years.

The oral care market is nevertheless destined to remain the most active market for specialty silica, as it can be used both as a thickener as well as providing abrasive polishing and cleaning properties for toothpaste formulations.

Likewise further gains are likely to be derived from the growth of tooth whitening products and toothpastes, which will benefit from the polishing and cleaning properties.

Crest and Tom's of Maine tap into silicas

The report highlights new brands on the market that are using specialty silica, including Crest’s latest tooth whitening range, Pro-Health, Vivid White and Whitening Expressions, as well as the Clean & Gentle Care range from Tom’s of Maine.

Tapping into this demand, silica suppliers are currently developing lines that have improved cleaning and polishing qualities, while reducing the abrasiveness that can be potentially detrimental to tooth enamel.

As an example of this kind of innovation, the report highlights the recent launch of Grace Davison’s Sylodent silicas, which include hydrous and hydrated silicas that have been specially developed for these types of applications, without the abrasiveness.

The report concludes that silicas are likely to continue to grow in popularity based on their repuatation as non-controversial and inert ingredients.

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