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CreatorIQ Trend Analysis © ediebloom Getty Images

Influencer marketing trend analyst shares 2024 beauty trend forecasts

By Cassandra Stern

CreatorIQ Director of Content Marketing Alexander Rawitz recently presented his analysis of social media influencer trends and their impact on beauty brand popularity at CEW’s State of the Beauty Industry digital event. Using his analysis, he shares his...

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Trends, tutorials and toes are big in eyebrow beauty

By Natasha Spencer

Recent research from social tool Pulsar reveals the latest in leading brow beauty trends on social media, detailing the brands, descriptions, how-tos and hashtags capturing the attention of brow fans.

CosmeticsDesign - staying home & staying connected with you

Editor's Essay - staying home and staying connected with you

By Deanna Utroske

All around the world, cosmetics and personal care industry professionals have been working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Without the usual calendar of events and tradeshows, we’re finding new ways to stay in touch and stay informed.

How beauty brands can get social media right

How beauty brands can get social media right

By Sinead Norenius-Raniere

In today’s digital environment, things move fast especially with social media. So having a clear understanding of what is important and what you should be doing is critical to success both from an engagement standpoint but also a brand standpoint.

NARS entry into China market provokes backlash

NARS entry into China market leads to backlash

By Simon Pitman

Edgy color cosmetics brand NARS has seen a backlash following the announcement that it will enter the China market, where product safety testing on animal is still mandatory.

L’Oréal to introduce #WorthSaying campaign this awards season

L’Oréal to introduce #WorthSaying campaign this awards season

By Deanna Utroske

Sunday during the Golden Globe broadcast, the beauty company will launch a campaign designed to expand the red carpet conversation with a multitude of insights from women, sharing and connecting in real time with L’Oréal’s brilliantly up-to-date messaging.

Rise of social media can drive change following new regulation

Rise of social media can drive change following new regulation


The nature of social media means that information travels faster and whilst this is a great tool for brands to interact with consumers, it is also a great driver for change when you look at the new cosmetics regulation that has come into force.