Unicep Packaging, Inc.

Unicep provides contract manufacturing and packaging for specialized liquid and gel products within the skin care & beauty market. We specialize in blending and manufacturing your product formulation, contract filling into various types of packaging, and providing unique single use packaging options. We work with an array of liquid and gel products in the beauty and personal care industry such as: skin & nail care, hair care, topical OTC products, and personal care brands.

Unicep can fill your liquid, gel, and cream products into various types of packaging from tubes, airless pumps, and single use pouches/sachets to plastic dispensers. Our scale-up capabilities allow for a conservative launch and subsequent ease of replication at higher volumes. We use a collaborative approach to planning and execution, transforming our process to meet your requirements. Our compounding and manufacturing methods help to create a smooth process from start to finish, ensuring your product’s chances for success by improving speed to market.

From start to finish, our program management teams work with our customers to navigate the entire manufacturing process; from formulation assistance or product transfers through process validation, and ensuring that a quality product is shipped. Unicep can provide market expertise, help bring your product to consumers quickly, help you stand out with our unique packaging, and provide scale up capabilities for you to test the market.

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