Solabia, Between Nature & Technology

Solabia, Between Nature & Technology

Founded in 1972, Solabia develops and manufactures molecules and active ingredients for agro-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and environmental laboratories.

Having invested in the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Diagnostics and Biotechnology sectors, Solabia possesses a coherent ensemble of complementary know-how in biotechnology, fine chemicals, plant extraction and microbiology.


Solabia, which has a strong presence in Europe, Asia and in particular South America via its subsidiary Solabia do Brazil in Maringa, Brazil (Parana), decided to establish on June 1st, 2009, a new subsidiary and logistical platform in New York, in order to directly support and develop its key market sectors in the United States.


Solabia Cosmetics, your Technologist and Trends Decoder​, has built integrated solutions based on well-differentiated scientific expertises while developing active nutri-ingredients and concept-formulae for increasing the skin's “beauty and health” expectancy:


Omega Ceramide Technology:
Stabilized poly-unsaturated fatty acids under a biomimetic ceramide form for skin restructuring, repairing and firming.


Sugar and oligosaccharide complex: hydro-sensorial moisturizers, protective second skin matrix against environmental aggressions, hair repairing/protecting polysaccharides, prebiotics for skin balance, anti-Inflammation sugars…


BioPeptide Technology:
Lysine/Arginine peptide and plant oligopeptides for global anti-aging protection (with an action on Decorin).


PCA Science:
Bioavailable mineral carriers combining the efficiency of PCA (L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid) to the biological and biochemical properties of each associated mineral (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese…)


Correlation between the traditional uses of plants to cosmetic applications with diversified plant extracts and actives.

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