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BLUESHIELD®: To protect skin from digital pollution-induced aging!

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BLUESHIELD®: To protect skin from digital pollution-induced aging!

We are living in an ultra-connected world, stamp of our society’s evolution but at what cost? Digital devices are emitting an insidious blue light generating free radicals and responsible of the skin oxidative stress and accelerating aging with hyperpigmentation!

BlueShield®​ is the solution: an eco-friendly botanical active ingredient obtained from cold pressure of sustainable harvested french red bell peppers (Capsicum annuum​) to protect the skin from the 2 major damaging effects of blue light.

Thanks to its high antioxidant capacity and its super-protective filtering power, BlueShield®​ helps prevent and correct digital pollution-induced aging: “Bet on RED (bell peppers) to shield BLUE light aging!”

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