Seqens Cosmetics Natural Ingredients partners with ChemSpec for US distribution

By Deanna Utroske

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The France-based specialty ingredient maker announced the ChemSpec appointment this month.

The Seqens portfolio of actives and botanical extracts comprises nearly 300 inputs, 90% of which are COSMOS compliant. And the company’s manufacturing facility in Limoges, France, is rated Ecovadis Gold and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Seqens Cosmetics Natural Ingredients prides itself on having a transparent and traceable supply chain, incorporating DNA analysis of raw materials and blockchain technology. And the company’s most recent skin care ingredient innovations are very much in line with current and future consumer expectations.

Seqens Cosmetics latest beauty ingredient tech looks to phytomolecules used by animals in nature

The company’s 2021 innovation platform is called Ethophytology and seeks to borrow the wisdom of animals to discover active molecules that can be sourced from nature or replicated with biomimicry and that come from plants which animals are intuitively using “to improve their health & well-being,”​ according to a presentation deck shared with Cosmetics Design.

Seqens ingredients developed on this Ethophyotolgy platform are forthcoming, but other leading-edge ingredient concepts from the company are on the market now.

Exposome, longevity, and the science of sugars inform Seqens Cosmetics newest launches

The stressors and impacts of the human exposome—everything people are exposed to over a lifetime—inform the current wellness and selfcare trends in beauty and also help explain why today’s consumers are looking to beauty solutions from product that would normally be in the health and nutrition sectors (such as those using sophisticated ingredient delivery technologies and supplements).

But back 2017, the team at Seqens devoted their time to research ingredient solutions to consumer skin concerns related to the exposome, including sensitive skin, anti-pollution, and support of the skin microbiome.

Ingredient highlights from that Seqens Cosmetics collection of ingredients follow:
(The italicized descriptions of each are taken verbatim from a press release shared with Cosmetics Design.)

  • Cell’intact: Buckwheat extract that protects skin from oxidative stress assaults induced by pollution through skin microbiota enhancement.
  • Sens’flower: Saffron flower extract that functions to correct pollution-induced discomfort via the reinforcement of the skin barrier, reduction of inflammation and modulation of neurosensory aspects.
  • Osmo’city: Marshmallow extract that acts as a physical shield thanks to its high content in high molecular weightsugars. Prevents and corrects pollutant particle adhesion to the skin.

Sequens also devoted a year to developing ingredient tech premised upon botanicals sourced from the so-called blue zones of the world, where people live healthy live longer (often past the age of 100).

A notable ingredient in the Seqens Cosmetics longevity concept collection uses an extract of Shell Ginger leaves (the plant is called ‘getto’ in in Japan and ‘sannin’ on the islands of Okinawa. (The following description of Evolu’age is taken verbatim from a press release shared with Cosmetics Design.)

  • Evolu’age: Inspired by Asian longevity secrets, this getto extract functions to reinforce skin structure connections and enhance the overall appearance of the skin. Skin texture is smoothed resulting in a healthy rosy glow.

In 2019, the Seqens Cosmetics team focused their research squarely on the science of sugars and teamed up with Jean Guezennec, a blue biotech expert, to leverage the benefits of exopolysaccharide (a key component of biofilms) produced by marine bacteria to create the company’s Glycuron 2.78 ingredient. (Again, the italicized description here is taken verbatim from the Seqens Cosmetics press materials.)

  • Glycuron 2.78: An exopolysaccharide with very special physicochemical properties. This 4million Da sugar polymer, rich in uronic acid is liquid at 0.5% in water and shows very strong biological properties of hydration and brightness enhancement, together with generating sensory feeling that is able to impact image self-perception and projected alloperception.

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