Can soft tech refill packaging change consumer sun care habits for the better?

By Deanna Utroske

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photo courtesy of lumasol
photo courtesy of lumasol

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Sophia Hutchins, founder of a new brand called lumasol, believes so. Cosmetics Design checked in with her earlier this week to find out how she’s made timely sun care reapplication easy to remember and compatible with today’s consumer lifestyles.

lumasol is the latest DTC sun care brand to hit the market with hopes of disrupting consumer behavior and effectively limiting skin damage and cancer as a result. Sophia Hutchins launched her brand on May 1st. But even before that, her venture was attracting media attention—from the likes for Bloomberg and Forbes—for impressive seed funding wins.

Inspiring consumers to use sun care as recommended with soft technology

Soft technology is engineered equipment that requires a person to take the final action, in contrast to hard technology, which is essentially a self-contained machine that can complete an action as designed without intervention.

lumasol relies on color-change technology; consumers need to notice and respond to the color change of either the product package or a branded wrist brand to reapply the sun care product in a timely manner.

“The lightweight SPF 50 formula is packaged in a compact, sleek and fun-to-use mist bottle—the engine—that is designed to change colors after being exposed to UV light,” ​says Hutchins, adding that, “This easily reminds people when to reapply. The starter kit also comes with a color-changing wristband that serves the same purpose, and a lanyard to easily bring lumasol with you on-the-go.”

Using formal dispensing terminology, most notably, ‘engine’ to describe the component parts of the lumasol product has an effect of elevating the sophistication of both the product and consumer who uses or discusses it.

lumasol's approach to sun care formulation and dispensing

Everyone in beauty knows that in the wrong packaging, the best product formula in the world can seem terribly unimpressive; and vice versa, well-designed packaging is of limited value without the right formula.

lumasol, as Hutchins has developed it​, “is [a formula] designed for facial application, especially for those looking for easy reapplication throughout the day. The lightweight and non-greasy mist makes lumasol an ideal choice for reapplication over makeup, so you don’t have to sacrifice your cosmetics for safe sun protection,” ​she tells Cosmetics Design.

And the sun care product has also been formulated to circumvent common consumer complaints. “lumasol’s proprietary SPF 50 mist is non-greasy, lightweight and can be applied (and reapplied) over makeup without causing runs or clogging pores,” ​explains Hutchins.

“The mist,” ​she says, “goes on transparent and won’t cause breakouts, thanks to its hydrating formula. The invisible and lightweight formula is enriched with antioxidants that are actually good for your skin, acting as an extra barrier between you and the sun.”

“Starter kits, which include the engine and three vial refills will last about a month,” ​says Hutchins, “depending on how frequently lumasol is applied.” ​But she’s quick to add that frequency matters and that “the FDA recommends reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours to prevent disease and skin damage caused by the sun.”



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