Croda releases mobile hair damage guide


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Croda releases mobile hair damage guide
Cosmetics ingredients company Croda International have announced the release of an updated, iPad-compatible version of its Interactive Hair Damage Guide.

This online tool will assist formulators with the development of new hair care products and help them to develop products which can counteract damage to the hair.

The updated guide is based on information from 100 subjects who provided samples of their hair to be examined under an electron microscope and disclosed information about their styling practices.

Penny Vanemon, Vice President of Marketing at Croda Inc, told USA: "We have added some of our newest product innovations, launched since the release of the first Hair Damage Guide in September of 2011, that are designed for preventing and repairing various types of hair damage."

"Also included are new sections covering some of the new testing methodologies and equipment we have more recently developed that simulate hair damage and prove the efficacy of our product innovations."

Environmental damage

The website details five main sources of damage for hair: mechanical, environmental, chemical, thermal and ageing.

Problems caused by hair damage include frizz, breakage and dullness, lack of movement and difficultly combing and styling, as well as general poor appearance.

The new database will help formulators to develop solutions for preventing and reversing hair damage, which range from “re-cementing” ​cuticles with products which penetrate the outer layer of hair to the use of products which lifted and buckled hair fibers to their natural state.

Croda offers a range of products which claim to treat damaged hair, and also promises free product samples to companies to use in their laboratory work.   

All down to cuticles

Cuticles are the scale-like layer which cover the hair and prevent it from being affected by water and other external effects. They can be pulled apart or abraded by regular activities such as combing and washing.

Croda’s online guide states: “The appearance and manageability of hair depends mostly on the quality of hair cuticles. The more damage, the more unmanageable the hair.” 

The mobile boom

According to the market research firm eMonitor, the number of American mobile users with smartphones crossed the 50 percent mark in 2012.

Many EU countries have also reached the critical milestone, including Norway, Sweden and the UK, with a number of others are predicted to pass it by sometime in 2013.

Vanemon said: "We feel more people are using their mobile devices to access and view information, so we think this guide will receive more views if mobile-friendly."

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