Sebastian Signs uses new natural fragrance delivery system

By Simon Pitman

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Independent fragrance brand Sebastian Signs has introduced a new fragrance delivery system that is based on a green Argan-oil based gel technology from JKH Ingredients.

The delivery system is claimed to be the first of its kind, by offering a semi-solid, botanically-based gel technology that has been combined with Sebastian Signs' new Purusa Naturals line.

The significant advantage of the delivery system is that, by applying fragrance direct to the skin, it meets the requirements of an increasing number of consumers who are looking for greener, non-petroleum-based alternatives to conventional fragrances.

Search for natural-based fragrance delivery system

Sherri Sebastian, the founder of Sebastian Signs said that she had been searching for a natural-based fragrance delivery system that also enabled the fragrance to last longer once applied to the skin.

“I mentioned this challenge to Marieme Sane Haynes of JKH, specialist in green product development, and she she suggested JKH’s latest biotech derived Argan oil-gel based technology,”​ said Sebastian.

“Our collaboration brings together the perfect occlusive gel/fragrance balance and the result is my new Purusa Naturals Line, which coats the skin for a longer lasting natural fragrance.”

All-natural fragrance based on botanical extracts

The Purusa gel fragrance line is designed for both men and women and comes in four different varieites - Root, Leaf, Seed and Petalum - each of which is derived from natural raw materials extracts using botanicals such as petals, roots, leaves and seeds.


When it comes to the delivery of this line and other fragrances, the challenge facing many makers is invariably two-fold, centering around the actual physical delivery of the perfume, which invariably means sophisticated and not inexpensive packaging technology.


The other challenge is to ensure the most effective and least wasteful means of application, bearing in mind that sprays often lead to a significant loss of fragrance upon the application, which can often then depletes rapidly once it reaches the skin.


Haynes says she believes that the JKH delivery argan oil system offers many other benefits for fragrance application, including the fact that it boosts epidermal moisture retention for hydration, restores the bilayer of skin, has no parabens or silicones and it can help nourish the skin with essential fatty acids.

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