Dow Corning targets smoother hair with new silicone emulsion

By Simon Pitman

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Tapping into the big trend for smoother shinier hair, Dow Corning is launching a slicone emulsion, CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion for premium shampoo and rinse-off conditioner formulations.

The ingredient has been developed to give the hair follicles added moisturization properties, which the company claims is key to a more lustrous-looking result for most hair types, a result that has been acheived through advanced silicone technology.

Thanks to its development as a nonionic silicone with amine and polyether funcitionality, an important advantage of the new silicone emulsion is that it can be used to develop moisturizing conditioners for a wide range of hair types, the company claims.

Adaptable to products for all hair types

"One of the mega trends in hair care—and personal care in general—is that consumers look for products that are created especially for their individual needs,"​ said Feifei Lin, Dow Corning market leader. "While that’s an important component of today’s market, it’s also good to know that the new silicone emulsion is adaptable for products that benefit all hair types."

"The result is a luxurious, moisturizing feel plus much more, including intense shine and protection from color fading,"​ said Beth Johnson, Dow Corning’s global technology leader for hair care.

"Coupled with daily grooming, chemical and heat treatments, and a fashion-forward attitude, it can be difficult to maintain healthy-looking hair, even with regular conditioning. The new silicone emulsion has a distinctive moisturizing effect, so when consumers run their fingers through their hair, they’ll experience a smooth, silky, almost gliding sensation."

Tapping into trends for healthier more individual looking styles

The company estimates that the global hair care market reached $67.6 billion in 2010, second only to the skin care segment, and is forecast to reach $84.3 billion by 2015. This figure is led by shampoos and conditioners, for which consumers want products that provide sensory effects, individualism and health and well-being.

In response to this silicone has proved to be one of the leading ingredients for hair care formulations in recent years, mainly due to its array of sensory properties and functionality, which leaves the hair in manageable condition and gives it and all-important healthy-looking shine.

In addition to these properties, silicones are also said to make combing and brushing easier, as well as providing heat protection against hair dryers, together with helping to give dyed hair greater color retention.

"Among the advanced benefits of the new silicone emulsion is an ability to anchor itself to hair strands to give its moisturizing effects,"​ Johnson explained. "But of particular interest to consumers, our studies show this occurs without weighing down the hair. The result is a light feel, even after repeated use."

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