Scientist defies past research with agent that enhances elasticity

By Michelle Yeomans

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Scientist defies past research with agent that enhances elasticity
Scientist, Dr. Burt Ensley has developed Prolastil, a formulation that features active ingredient tropoelastin, a natural precursor to human elastin that confers strength and elasticity to the skin.

According to Ensley, he and a team of researchers at Thomas Jefferson University discovered that the results of their study showed a significant uptake of elastin into the skin’s outer layers despite experts insisting that “the tropoelastin molecule is simply too large to work in topical cosmetic applications.”

Many attempts have been made to utilize elastin as a component of cosmetic products. Through an exclusive process, Prolastil produces an exact replica of human elastin​,” he explains.

Tropolastin Infusion

Elastin is a key protein that allows the skin to stretch and regain its original shape. However with age, the substance diminishes and the skin becomes less resilient, a natural process thought to be irreversible, until now.

Prolastil is said to help the skin to rebuild its inner structure naturally, replenishing the missing elements of youth while helping to prevent new wrinkles from forming.

We now have formidable evidence that small amounts of tropoelastin applied daily can stop the loss of elastin through the normal aging process, the peptides display major and significant improvements in elasticity and tone​,” says Ensley.


An in vivo, clinical study was carried out with 2 groups of 23 volunteers aged 39 to 74. These women applied a cream containing the peptides in Prolastil to one-half of their face and used a placebo on the other half twice a day for 56 days.

Anti-wrinkling and lifting efficacy was assessed by profilometry and photography and the results were compared to the untreated half. These results showed a significant reduction in the depth, volume and surface of deep wrinkles up to a 45 percent reduction.

According to Dr. Ensley, the majority of those participating in the study stated that “the use of Prolastil​cream resulted in significant improvement in their skin’s texture and elasticity, and provided a hydrating / moisturizing effect that lasted throughout the day​.”

Prolastil Skin Cream and Eye Serum are currently on the market.

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