Herbalix to present latest research on aluminum-free deodorant

By Simon Pitman

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Naturals skin and hair care player Herbalix Restoratives is set to give a presentation about its research into a natural, aluminum-free deodorant it has developed.

The presentation will take place on February 19 during the Ninth Keele Meeting, to be held in Niagra-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, as part of a series of presentations under the theme ‘Aluminum and Life: Living the Aluminum Age’.

During the presentation the company will discuss the research and development work that has been carried out to produce what is claimed to be a first of its kind technology, Detox Cleansing Deodorant.

Certified organic ingredients

The product has been developed using certified organic ingredients and works by detoxing the treated area as the user sleeps.

The formulation has been developed to absorb and cleanse materials such as bacterium and metal ions that contribute to body odor from under the arms, providing six to eight hours of body odor absorption.

The company says that its aim is to reduce exposure to the potentially dangerous effects of aluminum to humans, a factor that is particularly pertinent given that many conventional deodorants comprise minute amounts of aluminum.

Concern over aluminum toxicity

Aluminum is an abundant element but is not essential to plant life and is viewed by many environmental experts as being a potentially serious ecotoxicant, a factor that lends even greater impetus to the drive to reduce the use of aluminum in both consumer products and other industry sectors.

In view of this growing awareness about aluminum, Herbalix believes the creation of an aluminum-free deodorant could hit the spot with a new more informed consumer interested in reducing exposure to aluminum.

"Humans perspire for a reason, yet most people apply deodorants or antiperspirants to prevent odor and suppress sweat,"​ according to Michael Fessler, co-founder of Herbalix Restoratives.

Aluminum as an active

"Antiperspirants contain aluminum as the active ingredient and are classified as drugs because they change the physiological process of the body, acting like little 'plugs' to stop sweat.

"Suppressing sweat encourages the backup of bacteria and may affect the flow of lymph fluids."

During the presentation, Fessler will explain how the deodorant works by widening the sweat ducts under the arms, allowing the release of impeded waste fluids, alkalizing underarm pH levels and removing aluminum, which in turn all contributes to a reduction in daytime odors.

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