DNA + Copper combination launched to address photodamaged skin

By Andrew McDougall

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Dermatology product manufacturer, Photomedex, has introduced a new DNA + Copper (Cu) product line under its Neova brand, which will heighten skin restoration and combat photodamage.

"Skin is assaulted by UV-induced stresses daily causing damage to skin cells and their DNA. The consequences of


unrepaired DNA damage for skin cells are immense. Decades of damage-and-response cycles, develop discolorations, wrinkles and other signs of photodamage," ​said Len Patt, PhD, head of research and development for Neova.

Skin’s natural recovery process

The DNA + Cu combination therapy products address DNA damage by activating the skin’s natural recovery process after damage has occurred but before inevitable consequences appear.

The skin’s natural recovery process initially activates its DNA repair process addressing DNA damage, whilst the copper peptide complex allows the body to recognize and accept the copper into the body and heightens skin restoration.

"A precise delivery system is essential for the successful application of peptides and enzymes to reach living tissue within the skin. Neova DNA + Cu formulas use two delivery systems - the Liposome system, which has been specifically engineered for the transference of DNA repair enzymes into epidermal cells and Copper Peptide Complex,” ​continued Patt.

DNA + Cu therapy products heighten skin repair in three ways

Continuous repair, enhanced UV-induced repair and stimulation of collagen production have been cited as the three ways in which the new combination products can help repair skin.

Continuous repair heightens skin’s natural repair processes reducing visible signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkle, with Neova claiming a 50 percent reduction in depth after eight weeks use.

Enhance UV-induced repair helps skin to repair the appearance of previous damage before they become permanent. Clinical studies of DNA repair enzymes on UV-exposed skin have shown a 45 percent reduction in UV-induced DNA damage after a single exposure to photoactivating light.

Prevention with Copper Peptide Complex has been shown to stimulate collagen production and reduce the visible signs of aging, improve skin laxity, clarity, increase skin density and strengthen the skin barrier.

"DNA repair enzymes, like those found in the new Neova products, target damage then up-regulate the skin's natural repair mechanisms at the same time that Neova's Copper Peptide Complex restores the skin's ability to self-correct and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin - it's like having two hyper-charged correctors in one,” ​Patt explained.

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