Johnson & Johnson lead the way in the personal care cash flow, study

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Financial information provider Motley Fool claims its analysis shows that of the top three personal care players in the US, Johnson & Johnson currently has the healthiest cash flow.

The information provider’s ‘cash king margin’ is said to indicate whether a company’s competitive position is improving or not relative to its cash flow. To find the cash king margin, the equation involves dividing the free cash flow from the cash flow statement by sales.

Accordingly, Procter & Gamble has noticeably increased its margin from five years ago and remains the most consistent amongst the industry major players with a 16.5 margin.

Johnson & Johnson has the most important cash king margin of 25.0. Despite a counter performance in 2008, it has significantly increased over the past year.

The statistics also show that Kimberly Clark faired worst, with its rating down overall compared to its direct competitors with a margin of 10.4 in 2009.

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