LycoRed looks to the topical market for growth, especially in US

By Katie Bird

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Israel-based LycoRed, which has traditionally focused on the supplements market, is now researching the topical potential of its carotenoid ingredients.

Studies on the effects of its flagship ingredient Lyc-O-Mato, a lycopene-based product extracted from tomatoes, have highlighted that internal supplementation can help protect the skin from UV-mediated damage.

Now the company is investigating the topical potential of its ingredients, in particular focusing on regions where the demand for oral beauty supplements is less developed.

According to LycoRed’s David Djerassi, the US market is interested in topical application of carotenoids, especially for protection against UV light, because the ‘beauty from within’ market is in its infancy.

In addition, the potential for combination products with both an ingested and a topical aspect, is being investigated as it could lead to enhanced performance, he said.

A number of research labs are currently testing the topical potential of the Lyc-O-Mato ingredient, Djerassi told USA.

“Based on the data we have obtained with our oral supplementation studies, one can assume that continuous topical use of this material will provide protection against damaging free radicals generated by environmental stress (UV, ozone, pollution),” ​he said.

The company also expects to find additional skin benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, hydration and reduction of the appearance of fine lines.

Reduced lycopene levels

One of the traditional problems experienced with topical carotenoids has been their strong color, which LycoRed has solved by developing a new form of the ingredient with reduced levels of lycopene (Lyc-O-Mato XP).

In addition to investigating Lyc-O-Mato XP’s potential, the company is looking into a number of other ingredients in its portfolio including a rosemary extract with high levels of carnosic acid which is a very potent antioxidant and lutein which has good moisturizing and hydrating properties.

On a recent visit to LycoRed in Israel, USA spoke to vice president of global marketing and sales Udi Alroy who said topical Lyc-O-Mato had just reached Israeli shelves in a very small number of prestige products.

As luxury products, these come with a high price tag, but LycoRed is looking to expand on this first move into the topical market, aided with the new research and data which should be published later in the autumn.

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