Double piston spray aerosol launched with eco-friendly design

By Simon Pitman

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The LinRoc Double Position Can System with Actuators is being launched onto the North American market through sales agent and distributor Brand Neue.

The technology, which has been jointly developed by Scotland-based Rocep-Lusol and Germany-based Lindal Despenser, is described as a revolutionary aerosol spray system for a variety of liquid and viscous products.

The dispenser has been designed around three basic elements: a sealed propellant-free environment to store the liquid or ingredients, a separate area for pressurized dead air and the spray valve itself.

The unique aspect of the Double Piston Can is that it relies on the dead air to propel the liquids and ingredients in a uniform mist stream or mists until the can is completely empty.

Good for any type of liquid or viscous product

But the big selling point of the design is said to be the fact that it facilitates the aerosol and propellant-free spray of any type of viscous product, whether it be water, cream or oil.

This not only makes it suitable for a range of personal care and cosmetic products, but the designers also says it will can be marketed to a diverse range of industries, including food applications.

However, the main focus for the technology is expected to be personal care, where its flexibility could see it used for a range of novel applications, including shampoo, conditioner, hair color and skin care products, together with more conventional products such as hair styling spray and deodorant.


Eco-friendly design

On top of its flexibility, the dispenser has also been designed with the environment in mind, given that it is 100 percent recyclable, does not rely on flammable chemicals to propel the contents and in turn does not contribute to ambient air pollution.

The distribution and sales agreement between Brand Neue and its developers will extend the availability of the product into new markets where it is not currently available.

On top of North America, Brand Neue will now have specific agency representation in markets such as Puerto Rico, India, Brazil, Argentina, the UK, Japan, Chile, Costa Rica and any other market in which Walmart or its affiliates do business.

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