Croda launches softening ingredient for conditioners

By Katie Nichol

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UK-headquartered chemicals company Croda has launched a conditioning agent that it claims moisturizes and softens hair in addition to conditioning and detangling.

According to Croda, Rejuvasoft was designed to provide cost and efficiency benefits in the formulation of conditioners without compromising on performance.

Performance on a par with premium leading brand conditioner

Croda formulated a Rejuvasoft-containing conditioner (comprised of water, 6 per cent Rejuvasoft, preservative and fragrance) and measured hair softness against a premium leading brand conditioner.

Evaluated on bleached, blond hair fibers, both conditioners made the hair easier to bend, thus demonstrating increased softness and the ability of Rejuvasoft to perform on a par with a premium leading brand.

Similarly, the Rejuvasoft formulation was shown to be as effective in conditioning and detangling hair, according to Croda, who measured both wet and dry combing.

In addition, a half head, double-blind study was conducted on 49 subjects by a licensed cosmetologist to determine its performance. According to Croda, both conditioners performed equally well, with half the panelists citing Rejuvasoft as the conditioner that performed the best, and the other half citing the leading brand conditioner.

Formulation and cost efficiencies

Cost-savings can be gained through formulating with the ingredient claimed Croda, who performed a cost analysis of the Rejuvasoft formulation with a basic benchmark conditioner, with the results indicating that a Rejuvasoft-containing formulation can provide ‘significant cost savings’.

The high performance of Rejuvasoft allows for the rationalization of multiple ingredients, according to Croda, which in turn can simplify the formulation and manufacturing process.

Croda marketing manager Cara Eaton told USA that as Rejavasoft can offer the perfomance benefits of several ingredients combined, opting to use it can reduce the number of ingredients in a particular formulation.

"This allows for fewer ordering SKUs, fewer materials to stock on hand, reduced inventory, and simpler manufacturing procedures,"​ she added.

Ease-of-use during the manufacturing process is made possible due to the fact the ingredient is pastillated, and in the majority of cases, a one pot process is possible, according to the company.

Formulation flexibility

In addition to offering cost savings and increased efficiencies to formulators, the ingredient can be used in a wide variety of conditioning products thus demonstrating its flexibility.

Croda says that varying the amount of Rejuvasoft added to a formulation can result in different thicknesses and forms. This translates into the ability to create a range of products including detangling sprays and hair masks as well as leave-on and rinse-off conditioners, the company claims.

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