Lavera’s European UVA rated sunscreen products to launch in US

By Katie Nichol

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Natural brand, Lavera, is introducing its natural sunscreen products that comply with new European UVA protection regulations to the US market in spring 2010.

The new regulations for sunscreens in Europe state that the UVA​ and UVB protection have to be provided in a 1 to 3 ratio. For example, a product with a UVB SPF of 30 requires a UVA rating of 10.

In order to comply with the regulations, the company had to reformulate its existing products by introducing zinc oxide, Alison Vennerberg on behalf of Lavera told CosmeticsDesign. She added that zinc oxide helps the skin more easily absorb the sunscreen and reduces the slight “whitewash” effect of mineral sunscreen.

New regulations challenging to meet

According to Lavera, this change in regulations has presented a challenge to manufacturers of natural sunscreen products, as the required levels of UVA protection are difficult to achieve with all natural products.

“No other natural companies are continuing to produce sunscreen in Europe because the standards are tough to meet with natural ingredients,” ​Vennerberg said, acknowledging that there may be other companies who choose to follow Lavera’s lead in the future.

UVA regulations in the US

Currently, in the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require products to bear a UVA rating, but the sunscreen monograph that the regulatory body has been planning to introduce is expected to take into account UVA ratings.

Ulrike Jacob, CEO of Lavera, said that the company is committed to supplying consumers with products that can protect them from both the sun’s harmful rays and potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.

“Despite the fact that the cosmetics market has little regulation in the US, consumers who purchase Lavera products can trust that they are receiving the best protection available in Europe – products with organic and natural ingredients free of parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum products and other compromising ingredients,” ​he said in a statement.

Lavera sunscreen products

Four Lavera sunscreen products will be made available to the US market next year, at mainstream retailer Target and through Lavera’s website.

The products include a water proof sunscreen specifically designed for the skin of infant and children, and an anti-aging sunscreen marketed as a daily, light moisturizer for the face.

According to Lavera, the company had a share of more that 50 percent of the European natural sunscreen market in 2008, and was the first manufacturer worldwide to develop a 100 percent all-natural sunscreen and the first all-natural sun spray.

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