Clinical study suggests IBR-Snowflake slows down skin ageing

Israel-based IBR says recently carried out clinical trials on its IBR-Snowflake ingredient suggest it smoothes skin, reduces wrinkles and slows down skin ageing.

The trials were carried out in France last month on 21 healthy female volunteers aged between 42 – 64, and were double blind placebo controlled and randomized application, applying Snowflake in a 2 per cent concentration in a cream for 28 days.

The analysis of the test results was carried out using Skin Image Analyser and Primos, showing that the 2 per cent dose reduces micro relief furrows by 30 per cent and a 15 per cent decrease in medium depth wrinkles.

IBR-Snowflake relies on an aqueous extract from summer snowflake bulbs and is based on the Dormins technology platform that uses natural extracts from plants in their dormant stage to slow down cell proliferation.

The first Dormin-based product from IBR was a narcissi bulb extract released in March 2006 in conjunction with German ingredients supplier Symrise.

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