IBR introduce latest anti-ageing ingredient

By Andrew McDougall

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IBR has introduced its latest proprietary natural ingredient, IBR Dragon, claiming it preserves youth and prevents ageing.

The new ingredient is a hyclocereus undatus fruit extract and resulted from IBR research, in order to develop a natural active for applications in prevention of skin ageing, and IBR say it was based on the concept of dormancy.

IBR Dragon

Dormancy is a natural state that plants and some animals enter to protect themselves from unfavourable environmental and growth conditions.

Cell proliferation and growth is inhibited

During dormancy cell proliferation and growth is inhibited and it is believed the slowing down of cell proliferation preserves the cell youth capital, thereby delaying the ageing process.

The natural ingredient manufacturer claim IBR Dragon fights skin ageing directly by maintaining the skin cell capital as well as by improving the skin’s ability to counter external aggressions as it prolongs the period of cell maturation.

The ingredient, which is formulated using IBR’s patented technology, comes from harsh environments and is sourced from a cactus.

Study of cream containing IBR Dragon

A study of the ingredient found that the intensity of the skin significantly increased for cream which contained IBR Dragon, meaning that skin hue brightened, according to IBR.

A cream containing IBR Dragon 5 per cent was tested on 12 healthy female volunteers aged 52-60.

The cream was applied under normal conditions of use, twice a day, over a 28 day period. The skin intensity parameter was then used to evaluate skin illumination and brightening.

IBR claim the study found that the cream containing the natural active made skin appear brighter and more luminescent.

It says the natural ingredient will help to preserve youth and prevent ageing, and has shown positive adaption to harsh conditions.

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