Crown Risdon unveils the new shape of lipstick

By Simon Pitman

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Crown Risdon has gone back to the drawing board to re-design a
totally new concept for the lipstick packaging used for Proctor
& Gamble's lastest Cover Girl line.

Tapping into the need to distinguish products in a segment where packaging innovation is constrained by the need for functionality, the latest design for the newly launched Cover Girl Inredifull Lip Color range relies on a unique shape and detail to make it stand out from the crowd.

The tapered, custom container consists of a polypropylene cap and base molded in a light silver metallic color. The base, accented with a 360º band hot stamped in bright silver foil, also features a bi-injection molded 'button' displaying the product's shade.

To top off the design, the cap is crowned with a bright silver metal medallion, stamped with the 'CG' logo, which aims to help position the lipstick at the luxury end of the mass market.

The shape of the Cover Girl package encases the company's TrimGlide mechanism, which features a cartridge assembly with an acetyl nosepiece and elevator and a cam made of ABS material.

The components for the new P&G color cosmetics product are produced through a joint effort that combines three of Crown Risdon's manufacturing facilities stretching right the way across the North American sub-continent: Barrie, Ontario, Watertown, Connecticut, and Reynosa, Mexico.

Crown Risdon was also involved in the packaging design for a new lip gloss that was launched in the US towards the end of last year for Christian Dior lipgloss

Furthermore, it developed an automated high-speed manufacturing process that was used to create the bottle for the product. At the time the company said that the method promised to significantly cut time and costs, and was especially beneficial for otherwise expensive low-volume production.

Crown Risdon's recent packging innovations for the color cosmetics market coincide with a big rise in the number of launches on the global market in recent years.

The number of color cosmetics launched on to the worldwide market grew by 25 per cent in 2004. And the latest figures from the Mintel reveal that almost 60 new products were launched in the category each day during 2005, with color variety and product diversification driving the growth.

Mintel's data also reveals that North America has been the most active market, representing 53 per cent of all new products in the category during 2004.

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