Data logger keeps track of processing equipment

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A portable data logger uses radio frequency identification (RFID)
technology to track process equipment, helping plant managers
schedule maintenance, cleaning and replacement dates.

AdvantaPure's Process Equipment Tracking (PET) hand-held device offers managers a computerised, portable means of keeping track of all plant equipment. As such it provides a way for managers toensure all safety procedures are carried out according to schedule, reducing the amount of risk to workers and food products coming off the line.

The device records and accesses the complete biographical history of parts, tracks key wear-related events such as cleaning cycles, dates and batches of material processed. PET is designed toidentify and track process equipment such as pumps, hoses, bio-bags, diaphragm valves, filters, and UV lamps.

PET uses RFID to monitor all process equipment involved with a particular batch of product from start to finish. PET tracks the usage and cleaning cycles to ensure timely maintenance andreplacement.

PET comes with a function to back up of data, a means to construct an audit trail of equipment, password security and access from networked computers. A programme gives manager the ability to sort,compare, and analyse information in different ways to determine the safe and proper useful life of process equipment.

PET involves the attachment of RFID tags to process equipment by various methods - a molded pouch, silicone fusible tape, lamination, or watchband-style encasement. The device accesses each tag'sstored information using a handheld reader and writer. Data can later be transferred to a networked computer, allowing other users to view the information.

The tags are safe for use with cleaning in place (CIP), sterilisation in place (SIP) and autoclave cleaning processes.

RFID systems are made up of a transponder or tag that is attached to the goods to be identified. Reader pick up the information using radio frequency signals and converts the information in those transponders to a computer compatible format for processing.

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