Colour-changing pigments from Merck

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German chemicals group Merck is introducing two new pigments for
cosmetics. Xirona Kiwi Rose and Xirona Volcanic Fire are said to
have high lustre and interesting colour changes, and are suitable
for all types of care and decorative cosmetic applications.

Xirona Kiwi Rose offers manufacturers a pigment which shifts from green to silver to peach, and was described by the company as "an expression of freshness, of a lush green garden filled with colourful surprises"​.

The pigment is said to be dominated by "the fresh, intense green of trees, ferns and grasses, changing into a peach-red hue like dewdrops under the influence of the early rays of sunlight, transformed into an iridescent prism"​. Merck said that the product would lend care products and decorative cosmetics "a youthful charisma"​.

The colour change effect of Xirona Kiwi Rose is based on an innovative technology, which uses the smooth surface of synthetically-manufactured SiO2 platelets which are coated with titanium dioxide as an ideal medium for the perfect refraction, according to Merck.

Xirona Volcanic Fire, meanwhile, is described as "a fiery journey through heat and light,"​ and is said to offer care products and decorative cosmetics colour depth and colour energy.

The natural basis of Volcanic Fire is mica, which is coated alternating with titanium dioxide and SiO2.

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