Alexander McQueen chooses Glass Polymer

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A container made from Eastman Chemical Company's Glass
Polymer copolyester resin has been choosen for the latest
Alexander McQueen designer label toiletry product, Kingdom. The
material is boasted to have crystal-clear properties and a high
resistance to breakage, making it safe for bathroom usage.

The launch of Kingdom - a new shower gel - is part of a continued extension of the Alexander McQueen brand, built around one of the fashion industry's most recognised names.

"We required a packaging solution that expressed the core values of the Alexander McQueen label - luxury, elegance and originality. At the same time, being a bathroom product, it was equally important that the product is safe to use and will not break if dropped,"​ said the packaging specifier at YSL Beauté, which owns the Alexander McQueen label, Charles Pileur.

The Glass Polymer - when converted into a material - has chemical properties enabling light transmission rates of above 90 per cent. This means that the material retains its transparent qualities, matching the pure look and feel of glass, even when the container walls are thick.

The same chemical properties - that prevent the pigment from the red outer layer from reacting with the contents - give the packaging material a combination of strength and flexibility, so the package is resistant to shock, and will not fracture when dropped.

Kingdom is provided in 200ml containers manufactured by PRP Creation of Oyonnax in France who converts the Glass Polymer material by the co-extrusion blow-moulding process.

"The unique combination of sturdiness and clarity offered by the Eastman Glass Polymer has met our expectations admirably and made an important contribution to a successful product launch,"​ said Pileur.

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