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Clean at Sephora © DNY59 Getty Images

Q&A: Attorney breaks down ‘Clean at Sephora’ ruling

By Cassandra Stern

The recent ‘Clean at Sephora’ case ruling has been the subject of intense discussion and debate since it was released last month – in this Q&A, attorney Kelly Bonner analyzes the case, its resolution, and offers her perspective on the judgment’s potential...

Weleda has created a small internal startup to build out fresh innovations across packaging and formulation [Getty Images]

Big Brand Talks – In Conversation with Today’s Beauty Leaders

Weleda R&D chief: ‘We’re trying to switch our way of innovating’

By Kacey Culliney

Swiss natural and organic beauty brand Weleda has formed a small-scale internal startup to speed up product development and market testing, presenting a very new way of working, its R&D head says.