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CosmeticsDesign's global Clean & Ethical Beauty video series takes a deep dive into why this movement matters and key opportunities and challenges facing industry (Getty Images)

Special edition: Clean & Ethical – ‘Better for you, better for the planet’ beauty

Clean & Ethical Beauty: Why it matters, who is acting and what the future holds

By Kacey Culliney

The clean and ethical beauty movement has garnered plenty of traction in recent years, fuelled by a plethora of environmental, societal, business and consumer factors, and CosmeticsDesign-Europe has been tracking this movement closely for some time.

MWV keeps costs down as raw materials prices increase

MWV keeps costs down as raw materials prices increase

By Katie Bird

As polypropylene prices are close to hitting all time highs, CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com spoke to packaging supplier MWV’s Barcelona plant manager Angel Fernandez-Carbonell about how the plant is keeping its costs and environmental footprint down.