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Givaudan adds olfactive social listening to fragrance creation

By Asia Sherman

Global flavor and fragrances manufacturer Givaudan has introduced DigiPulse to sniff out consumer perceptions of fine fragrances online. The social listening tool is an enhancement of the artificial intelligence-powered Carto, an intuitive and interactive...

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Givaudan outlines three huge opportunities for biotech in 2021

By Natasha Spencer

Biotechnology offers the opportunity for a more sustainable cosmetics industry, and wider acceptance of the technology will require giving consumers access to reliable information about the benefits, according to Givaudan.

Givaudan’s new fragrance concept is all about food

Givaudan’s new fragrance concept is all about food

By Deanna Utroske

The global flavors and fragrance company announced its new Delight collection this month, bringing to market fragrance molecules and bases developed in tandem with Givaudan flavorists. It’s a project that’s novel for both this cross-division collaboration...

Givaudan furthers patchouli collection network

Givaudan furthers patchouli collection network

By Deanna Utroske

Teams on the ground in Indonesia and Malaysia will allow the fragrance and flavour company closer oversight of the farming and harvesting end of its ingredient supply chain.


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