TRI-K Industries Inc.

Tri K

TRI-K Industries is a leading supplier of specialty raw materials to the global personal care and cosmetics industry. Headquartered in New Jersey since 1974, TRI-K has established a unique portfolio of active and functional personal care ingredients, and is an industry innovator in the development and marketing of specialty cosmetic proteins. TRI-K offers a tailored range of products, providing creative solutions, high-end ingredients and excellent services adapted to your specific cosmetic needs.


TRI-K’s products offer a wide range of formulating solutions, including: high-quality proteins and protein derivatives, organic and inorganic sunscreens, mild surfactant technologies, and high-end anti-aging actives.


TRI-K is a member of the Galaxy Group, headquartered in Mumbai, India. With manufacturing and R&D facilities in both India and the US, the company’s skilled R&D team is equipped with the latest technologies, research methods and tools in full-service application laboratories, and is available to assist you with formulation and product creation.


Major Markets

 ​TRI-K’s portfolio includes products for all major segments of the personal care industry: skin care, hair care, sun care, color cosmetics and toiletries.

Global Capabilities

 ​Through a direct US sales force and an expansive international network of distributors, TRI-K establishes one-on-one relationships with customers globally.

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