Meiyume is a partner and orchestrator in everything beauty, delivering end-to-end solutions covering packaging design, engineering, manufacturing, formulation, filling, and retail implementation. Meiyume is committed to empowering the industry by combining our insights and in-house expertise with our vast global sourcing network to bring the vision of brands and retailers to life. Meiyume is one of three product vertical businesses (Beauty, Sweaters, Furniture) formerly part of Li & Fung, which were divested in April 2018 and today operate as LH Pegasus which is owned 45% by Hony Capital and 55% by the Fung Group.

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Sustainable beauty and personal care innovations by Active Innovation

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A new era for the US beauty industry

As consumers increasingly demand more sustainable and innovative products, a new joint venture is paving the way with cutting-edge ingredients, custom formulations, and sustainable packaging.